Telecom Infrastructure

To support the kingdom’s
transformation and digitization vision,


Extreme is participating in developing the telecommunication infrastructure.
At extreme, our professional telecom constructors work
both in-house and on-site to deliver superior construction, installation
for cellular & Microwave sites. This is to provide our customers
with comprehensive planning and seamless coordination for all aspects
of building Telecom Infrastructure.



Site preparation
that includes Soil Investigation, Site Clearing and Leveling, Site PreparationFoundation
Works (Tower Erection & Painting, Shelter, Generator)


Site Installation
of fully equipped shelters including electrical works, air conditioning and Fire alarm, Smoke
detector, High room temperature, Alarms Site Fencing and Protection Equipment installation
that include imple- menting the infrastructure of network, GSM/- Wi-MAX, Microwave
point to point and point to


Maintenance and testing
that include first line maintenance, Hot dip galvanization, tower maintenance, routine
checks, annual preventive maintenance check and testing.
Spare Parts Management that includes preparing the spare requirements, maintaining
stock availability and distributing the spare


Network Operation
Center to manage and support the installed infrastructure around the clock 24/7 to meet
the agreed SLA with Telecom Companies.